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Rebecca Schwartz: Blog


Posted on October 31, 2012
At various times in our lives, we have "the power" or lose "the power". In the wake of the devastation of Sandy, I started thinking about power. So many are without the power of electricity, and so many have lost much more. As I listened to the wind and prayed we'd be safe, I felt a true lose of power as there was not much I could do but pray and hope for the best. Similarly, I felt helpless when I lost the power of my voice recently until it healed again.

We were among the lucky ones; we came through the storm unscathed. However, the sense of a loss of mental power has kept me one edge since the storm began. It's times like this that we can only continue to pray and give what we can to others to regain their power.

Our country's politicians are fighting for power. Depending on the outcome, how many of us will feel powerful, or at a loss? So as I continue to contemplate this powerful word, I hope the power of prayer will sustain me, and all those in need.


Posted on October 24, 2012
I've decided to start a blog once again. I've never really been one for blogging, and failed at my first attempt. I guess I have to get used to it; writing something every day, or week, or month, or whenever the mood hits me. I'm feeling very grateful today. I looked at this word, and while it says what I'm feeling, I also believe I have a "great" feeling of "fullness" in my life. My sons are happy, I love my husband, I'm still blessed to have my parents, I have many wonderful friends, and I'm still writing music that I hope makes people happy. Great-full. So these are my thoughts for today.

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